The AmoeBAND is a bionic concept for band aid. The design features strategic cut-outs so that you can shape it to fit fingers in such a way that it is easy to bend them and not disrupt the bandage. It even features an intelligent dressing material allows you to regularly check wounds from the outside, without upsetting the healing process. Since the bandage material used exudes a leather-like feel, availability in different skin-tones helps it blend in, without overly highlighting the injury.

As the designers explain, “According to research, the when an infection of a wound is detected, the pH value is between 6.5 and 8.5. AmoeBAND’s indicator cross turns purple, alerting the user needs to change it immediately.”

Even the packaging has been redesigned to a matchbox style and even includes Braille instructions!

AmoeBAND is a 2012 IDEA Award Finalist.

Designers: Tay Pek-Khai, Hsu Hao-Ming, Tsai Cheng-Yu, Chen Kuei-Yuan, Chen Yi-Ting, Lai Jen-Hao, Ho Chia-Ying, Chen Ying-shan, Weng Yu-Ching and Chung Kuo-Ting

(via flatstudio)

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